Wil Ogden’s 3d Art

I work mostly in Daz Studio. Sometimes I employ artistic filter programs such as fotosketcher, and I add a copyright watermark in Photoshop. Rarely, I use photoshop to tweak something about the image.

A Still Life:Rose Still Life

An image from a Science Fiction Novelette I’m working on.


My readers will recognize Azure.


Below is Impette, a character from a Role Playing Game Manual–kind of the narrator of the manual. Basically, I rewrote my Demia setting (the old version is still out at demiarpg.wordpress.com) to use a unique ruleset instead of a Savage Worlds ruleset. Impette PR.jpg

This is Glacia, a character from the Demia game setting. She appears in some of my fantasy stories, also.


This is titled “Brand New Day” and is an exercise in creative camera angles. One of the

facebook groups for Daz Studio artists hosts a weekly challenge with a theme. For the week of this image it was ‘unique camera angles’


Another week, the challenge was for a folk tale. I chose Aladdin. This is based on the Sir Richard F. Burton version of the Arabian Nights.Aladdin.jpg

The Escape Poster was inspired by a challenge to use the lighting of dawn or sunset. My wife hates this one.


This is a challenge for an upside down perspective. holding up the earth.jpg


Another take on the upside down Challenge, re-interpreted to be inverse. The thing to note here is the hands you can see. Those who know international hand gestures know the two fingers are a peace sign when the palm is outward but, in the UK, it’s an insult if the back of the hand is outward. MirrorMirrorX.jpg

Another Sunset Challenge. Looks so romantic at a glance, but then you see what they’re holding in their hands. This one has a background that is a photograph. beachsunset.jpg