Why don’t I link?

I almost never provide links in my blog posts.

Here’s why:

It’s not that I’m lazy or ashamed of my sources.

I write opinion. Sometimes these opinions are, in fact, facts. I could defend my opinions as facts by providing links to other people who have written about the same subjects as facts. But, in providing the links, I am steering my readers to use sources that defend my opinion.

It’s better to allow the reader to do their own research without steering it to a particular starting point which may or may not be perceived as biased. When we’re talking about facts there really isn’t a degree of bias. Facts are facts. By allowing my readers to do their own hard research, I kinda force them to weigh their findings on their own.

Or they could just take everything I write as gospel. I don’t recommend this approach. I’m almost always correct in my statements pertaining to facts. But it’s unhealthy to blindly follow my opinions. And if I’m wrong, I want to be corrected. That said, attempts to correct my humor, like my satire, will be ignored. People looking to correct my historical or scientific facts had better come well armed.


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