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The Blooddaughter Trilogy at Amazon on Kindle $4.99 (Free to read on Kindle Unlimited.)

All three novels of The Blooddaughter Trilogy in one book.


Second Blood at Amazon on Kindle $2.99

Shauna discovers the vampires in her favorite novels are real, as she hoped they would be. Her initial encounter with them proves fatal for her. She awakens as one of them, but the mysterious vampire who turned her has disappeared. She is taken under the wings of both the Countess of Philadelphia and the legendary Elizabeth Bathory and soon discovers that even immortality can be fatal.


Blood Huntress at Amazon on Kindle $2.99

Shauna, Adjusting to life without the Sun and the need to feed, travels to Europe to track down the notorious vampire hunter, Henry the Inquisitor. She finds the night culture there in upheaval as hunters have decimated the vampire populations of France and the surrounding countries. The royalty she meets are not as friendly as she is accustomed to. Her companion and best friend, the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory, has particular difficulty adjusting to the new powers in Europe. Defending her friend may make enemies among the vampire royalty.


Blood Reprisal at Amazon $2.99

Shauna’s search for infamous vampire hunter, Henry the Inquisitor, was cut short by a summons by the first vampire. What secrets will she uncover in the presence of such ominous power? Once she uncovers secrets about her own past that she could never have imagined, she is sent back to Europe to finish the hunt for the hunters. This time she will have help from vampires of similar power to her own. And she’ll have the usual help of her mentor and best friend, Elizabeth Bathory. But her favorite source of blood is now a vampire as well, so Shauna needs to find other ways to feed and she’s still uncomfortable drinking from strangers. Her travels take her to the darkest, vilest, part of the vampire underworld, testing her morality and how far she’s willing to go to embrace the darkness. Even with all the help in the world, she is still uncertain what she’ll uncover or if her friends will be enough to keep her from being killed permanently.


Blood Atonement: The True Tales of Elizabeth Bathory, Vampire

Elsabet or Elizabeth Bathory’s life is notorious and, for the most part, known to history. What she’s done since is another story altogether.
Haunted by the crimes of her life and by her bloodfather, Vlad Dracula, Elsa seeks a life of her own in the New World. But her past will always catch up to her and she must face her demon.
Herein are the stories that led to Elizabeth Bathory’s atonement, at least, with herself. She can never undo what she’s done, but she can balance it. Some of these stories have been told, but without the truth of the tales as Elsa knows them. These are those dark truths. $13.99 $2.99

Nine Princes, Cover Edition 2V3DA

Nine Princes of Blood

The last of the vampire hunters, Nate Silver seeks a legend to aid him in his mission to cleanse the world of the bloodsuckers.
The trail has taken him to Los Angeles, but before he even settles in, the world of the night overwhelms him. Vampire society in southern California is especially chaotic and lacking leadership. A cohort of powerful vampires are maintaining anarchy in the city for their own deadly amusement.
A faithful Christian, Nate’s morality is tested and twisted as he tried to find footing in a world where he cannot even comprehend the mortal society. When he finds himself forced to ally with one vampire faction against another, he wonders if he’ll ever be the man he thought he was meant to be. He’ll face the ultimate test when the cost of his integrity will be murder.
Nine Princes of Blood in print $12.99
Nine Princes of Blood on Kindle $2.99


Law of the Blood Queen

The Vampire Queen of Los Angeles struggles against those who would show she is too weak for the job. A wave of murders among the vampires of her kingdom leaves the Queen as a suspect. Nate Silver, the queen’s bloodson and sheriff, must track down the true dangers to the vampire kingdom, even if it means bringing down his own queen. At every step, he hopes to prove her innocence, but at every step, he finds more to link her to the crimes.

Law of the Blood Queen in Print $9.99

Law of the Blood Queen at Amazon on Kindle $2.99

Blue of Blood Cover V2FSBlue of Blood

Losing himself in his mundane work after a massacre Nate Silver blames himself for, he works to find a crime lord notorious for ruthlessness who specializes in human trafficking. Meanwhile, Katina, a potent vampire who recently lost her twin sister, and Azure, a mage with striking blue hair, are calling in a favor Nate owes them. Their plans involve dark magic, but not as dark as the mage working against them.

Law of the Blood Queen in Print $9.99

Law of the Blood Queen at Amazon on Kindle $2.99



Lite Nite Bites

Lite Nite Bites Free AD.jpg

Herein are twenty tales of vampire carnal love.

The Vampire King of New York tries to deal with a sexually aggressive subject and her newest sired vampire, and other stories of sex and love. Mostly sex. Because they’re vampires, there’s blood. Vampires bite even when they’re playing very nice or extremely naughty.

Lite Nite Bites at Amazon on Kindle $4.99

Sheillene: Choosing Fate

Sheillene, a champion tournament archer, is setting out on her own for the first time and discovers she has other options than the life of an exhibition performer. Follow her as she learns the ups and downs of bounty-hunting and the trade of the bard. Faced with the choice, which profession will she ultimately choose?
Sheillene: Choosing Fate Free at Smashwords (e-publications)
Sheillene: Choosing Fate for 99 cents at Kindle Store.
This is a novelette about Sheillene, the archer mentioned in the first chapter and a few others in “Of Maia’s Mist.” This is her backstory about when she set off on her own and encountered opportunities to either pursue the career of bard or bounty hunter. Ultimately she feels she must choose one, but which? I get a very small amount of money if you buy it for 99cents at Kindle but they won’t let me offer it for free.

The Nightstone

It’s a world where gods sometimes can be found in their temples, magic is part of daily life, and unicorns may or may not be myths.
Pantros, a burglar more famous than he knows, met his client and was shown a large blue gemstone. He was asked to steal it later that night from a man staying at his sister’s inn. Though it broke a promise he’d made to his sister, the chest of gold he was given in payment caused his judgement to waver. And the client told him he could keep the gem as well.
Of course, when it sounds too good to be true, there’s going to be a catch, or a curse, or both.
Pantros and his sister must deliver the stone to the Archmage, across lands rarely travelled. Only with Sheillene the Huntress as their guide can they hope to complete the journey and she may not be enough once the curse’s effects start to take hold.
Far to the north a young woman, Heather, is losing control of her fire magic. Seeking help is difficult when people found to possess fire magic are put to death. With the aid of her lover, Charles, they too begin a journey that will tie their fate to Pantros’s.
But, when people start to recognize Charles from Millenia past,ages before Charles was born, it becomes apparent that he may have the greatest destiny of all.
The Nightstone, a fantasy novel by Wil Ogden on Kindle on
The Nightstone, a fantasy novel by Wil Ogden in print on
This is a 250 page(80,000 word) novel for $2.99 as an e-book or for $12.99 as trade paperback.

Of Maia’s Mist

Abandoned for her magic, raised by a dryad, Emily must leave her sheltered home to face her duties as a Tempest–a servant of Maia. Accompanied by the notorious outcast mercenary, Katriene, Emily is thrust deep into a mission to protect the kingdom. Along the way she must face the truths from her past, understand the limits of her magic and face the greatest battle of all: Love.
Of Maia’s Mist, a fantasy novel by Wil Ogden Print Copy from Createspace (An Amazon Company)
Of Maia’s Mist, a fantasy novel by Wil Ogden on Kindle
This is a 300 page(90,000 word) novel for $2.99 as an e-book or $14.99 as a print book. I strongly recommend reading the free preview portion of the Kindle. You can get Kindle for your PC for free. If you don’t have a kindle, it’s available in a format you can use at Smashwords. You may also be able to get a print copy from, but my royalty from Amazon is much smaller than if you buy from the Createspace store (which is also buying from Amazon, so you can trust the company as much as you trust Amazon)

Available for Free Online:


Kythira by Wil Ogden available online in Eternal Haunted Summer
You’ll have to scroll down and find the link. I don’t link directly to the story to be nice to the publisher.  This link can be buggy. It will usually work ok the second time. If not, look around for the spring equinox 2011 issue and find “Kythira” there.

Currently available only by buying a copy in print, kindle or pdf:

The Honor of a KnightThe Honor of a Knight by Wil Ogden in PDF
The Honor of a Knight by Wil Ogden in Print

Fortune Favors the Fool Fortune Favors the Fool by Wil Ogden in PDF
Fortune Favors the Fool by Wil Ogden in Print

Heir to the Eighth
Heir to the Eighth by Wil Ogden as ebook
Heir to the Eighth by Wil Ogden in PDF
Heir to the Eighth by Wil Ogden in Print

Aurora’s Smile
Aurora’s Smile by Wil Ogden in Print
Aurora’s Smile by Wil Ogden as ebook
Aurora’s Smile by Wil Ogden in PDF

To the Last Drop
To the Last Drop by Wil Ogden on Kindle

The Wishing Jar by Pantros (dead link, not currently Available anymore)

Pantros is my byline for professional works published exclusively online.

Wil’s Amazon Page
This quick link will take you to my page on Amazon to peruse all the books and stories I wrote that Amazon sells.


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  1. Hello! I came across your work while working on an assignment for my critical thinking class. I not only appreciate the cador of your writting style, I am right there with your opinion of people being “anti” anything instead of being “pro” SOMETHING! Love your style…keep it coming! Oh, yes…..I will most DEFINITLY give credit where credit is due when I quote your work! Thankyou for being a practical voice!

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