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Time to Catch Up on Wil Ogden’s Vampire Novels in Time for the Next Release!

I’m releasing my next book, Blood Armistice, at the end of February. If you haven’t read all of my books, you still have time to catch up. At least, you’ll want to have read Blood Atonement. All in all, I’ve published 8 vampire novels in three different series. The eight books of the three series here are dark fantasy vampire gothic-inspired adventure novels. These are not paranormal romance. But, if PNR is your thing, I’ve also published  a collection of adults-only shorts (look all the way down at the bottom of this post). Every book on this page is available in paperback, kindle or kindle unlimited.

Blood Atonement Cover A

“What an amazing and mind gripping take on the story of Elizabeth Bathory. In this author’s take Elsa is a full fledged vampire, the blood daughter of Vlad and Elsa is trying to rectify the horrible deeds she committed when she was still a human by being a sort of avenging angel and rescuing females who are in dire need.

This fast paced story line is horrifyingly exciting with compelling characters that are riveting and captivate you from the beginning until the very end. This is the first book I’ve read written by Mr. Ogden and I look forward to reading many more of his books.” -Laura Hernandez

Blood Atonement: The True Tales of Elizabeth Bathory, Vampire $13.99 paperback $2.99 kindle

Elsabet or Elizabeth Bathory’s life is notorious and, for the most part, known to history. What she’s done since is another story altogether.
Haunted by the crimes of her life and by her bloodfather, Vlad Dracula, Elsa seeks a life of her own in the New World. But her past will always catch up to her and she must face her demon.
Herein are the stories that led to Elizabeth Bathory’s atonement, at least, with herself. She can never undo what she’s done, but she can balance it. Some of these stories have been told, but without the truth of the tales as Elsa knows them. These are those dark truths.


A well written Vampire novel with a lot of original twists to keep readers on edge. Very dark at times, which was perfect for me and one of those books you have to finish whilst everything else piles up around you. Made a very relaxing weekend and definitely recommended to fellow vampire fans.” – Avid Reader

The Blooddaughter Trilogy at Amazon on Kindle $4.99 (Free to read on Kindle Unlimited.)

All three novels of The Blooddaughter Trilogy in one book.


Second Blood

Shauna discovers the vampires in her favorite novels are real, as she hoped they would be. Her initial encounter with them proves fatal for her. She awakens as one of them, but the mysterious vampire who turned her has disappeared. She is taken under the wings of both the Countess of Philadelphia and the legendary Elizabeth Bathory and soon discovers that even immortality can be fatal.


Blood Huntress

Shauna, Adjusting to life without the Sun and the need to feed, travels to Europe to track down the notorious vampire hunter, Henry the Inquisitor. She finds the night culture there in upheaval as hunters have decimated the vampire populations of France and the surrounding countries. The royalty she meets are not as friendly as she is accustomed to. Her companion and best friend, the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory, has particular difficulty adjusting to the new powers in Europe. Defending her friend may make enemies among the vampire royalty.


Blood Reprisal

Shauna’s search for infamous vampire hunter, Henry the Inquisitor, was cut short by a summons by the first vampire. What secrets will she uncover in the presence of such ominous power? Once she uncovers secrets about her own past that she could never have imagined, she is sent back to Europe to finish the hunt for the hunters. This time she will have help from vampires of similar power to her own. And she’ll have the usual help of her mentor and best friend, Elizabeth Bathory. But her favorite source of blood is now a vampire as well, so Shauna needs to find other ways to feed and she’s still uncomfortable drinking from strangers. Her travels take her to the darkest, vilest, part of the vampire underworld, testing her morality and how far she’s willing to go to embrace the darkness. Even with all the help in the world, she is still uncertain what she’ll uncover or if her friends will be enough to keep her from being killed permanently.

Get all three in one tome:  The Blooddaughter Trilogy at Amazon on Kindle $4.99 (Free to read on Kindle Unlimited.)

Nine Princes, Cover Edition 2V3DA

“There is a lot of suspense and page-turning action, and the characters are interesting and believable. There are a few choice references to the Blooddaughter Trilogy, for those who have read it, but this book can also stand on it’s own.” – Lea Malandro

Nine Princes of Blood

Nine Princes of Blood in print $12.99 paperback
Nine Princes of Blood on Kindle $2.99 kindle

The last of the vampire hunters, Nate Silver seeks a legend to aid him in his mission to cleanse the world of the bloodsuckers.
The trail has taken him to Los Angeles, but before he even settles in, the world of the night overwhelms him. Vampire society in southern California is especially chaotic and lacking leadership. A cohort of powerful vampires are maintaining anarchy in the city for their own deadly amusement.
A faithful Christian, Nate’s morality is tested and twisted as he tried to find footing in a world where he cannot even comprehend the mortal society. When he finds himself forced to ally with one vampire faction against another, he wonders if he’ll ever be the man he thought he was meant to be. He’ll face the ultimate test when the cost of his integrity will be murder.


Ogden has done a nice job with this series of books. Always enough twists and turns to keep the story fun.” – S. Forstner

Law of the Blood Queen

Law of the Blood Queen in Print $9.99 paperback

Law of the Blood Queen at Amazon on Kindle $2.99

The Vampire Queen of Los Angeles struggles against those who would show she is too weak for the job. A wave of murders among the vampires of her kingdom leaves the Queen as a suspect. Nate Silver, the queen’s bloodson and sheriff, must track down the true dangers to the vampire kingdom, even if it means bringing down his own queen. At every step, he hopes to prove her innocence, but at every step, he finds more to link her to the crimes.


Blue of Blood Cover V2FS

“Another good book in the series! Plenty of interesting events, action and character interaction. Can’t wait to read more about these characters!” Lea Malandro

Blue of Blood

Law of the Blood Queen in Print $9.99 paperback

Law of the Blood Queen at Amazon on Kindle $2.99 kindle

Losing himself in his mundane work after a massacre Nate Silver blames himself for, he works to find a crime lord notorious for ruthlessness who specializes in human trafficking. Meanwhile, Katina, a potent vampire who recently lost her twin sister, and Azure, a mage with striking blue hair, are calling in a favor Nate owes them. Their plans involve dark magic, but not as dark as the mage working against them.


To the Last Drop

A dark fantasy short adventure tale
To the Last Drop by Wil Ogden on Kindle  99cents

Wil’s Amazon Page
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The following is for Adults only.


Lite Nite Bites Free AD.jpg

I became increasingly more interested and involved as I dug deeper into these pages.
Expecting a collection of separate and distinct short stories… characters are revisited as they resurface mostly unexpectedly (to me anyway).
It is a suburb tome – in that each story/chapter has all the legs to stand very well on its own, but with a common thread to tie it all together.
Really an excellent book to sit with for an hour or so, or for just a quick nibble.
” – T. Flynn

Lite Nite Bites

Lite Nite Bites at Amazon on Kindle $4.99

Herein are twenty tales of vampire carnal love.

The Vampire King of New York tries to deal with a sexually aggressive subject and her newest sired vampire, and other stories of sex and love. Mostly sex. Because they’re vampires, there’s blood. Vampires bite even when they’re playing very nice or extremely naughty.




Blood Armistice Cover Reveal

The book is in the final phase of prep for publication, so maybe another month before you’ll be able to get it in print or on kindle. Blood Armistice is the second book, following Blood Atonement, of the True Tales of Elizabeth Bathory novels. Preview a section of the forthcoming book here:  (that’s two blog posts down from this one on

Blood Armistice Cover A.jpg

Aurora’s Smile by Wil Ogden

This is a reprint/new edition of Aurora’s Smile by Wil Ogden (me). The original was published in Bards and Sages Quarterly in January 2010. I usually recommend not publishing stories on blog pages – it makes it almost impossible to publish a story in a magazine after it’s published online. The major difference between this version and the one published 8 years ago is that this one is past tense and that one was present tense. So, for your enjoyment. For best results, right click and choose “View Image”

Aurora's Smile for WebPage.png


How to Get Published: The Real Answers

As a published author, I get this question all the time. The answer is simple: Write well.

Okay, that’s the first part. It’s far from the whole answer. It’s the most important part, however. Let’s assume we’re talking about being chosen by a traditional publishing house and not talking about self-publishing – I’ll cover that in the very last paragraph.

Stop here if you want help publishing any kind of self-help book. Unless you’re famous or have a PhD, the only option to publish self-help books is self-publishing.

Step One: Write something. (What you write is less important than how well you write it. Both are moot if you write nothing. So Step one is just to write something.)

Step Two: Spend a ginormous amount of effort making sure it’s well-edited.  People have the delusion that the publishing house will clean up their writing before they publish it. That’s 100% true. A publishing house will edit the f**k out of your work-if they decide to publish it. However, the people that decided whether or not to publish your work will not read two sentences of poorly edited work.

Step Three: Now, make sure, once it’s edited, that it’s great. If it’s not, write something else and restart at step 1.

Author’s note: I have not brought up anything about style and skill as a writer. Here are some quick notes: A) Understand Point of View and use it correctly. B) Understand Tense and use it correctly. C) Understand the limits of narrative omniscience. Use omniscience correctly. D) Don’t write in 2nd person. Ever. E) If you write in First Person, it’s got to be 10x better than anything on the 3rd Person slush Pile. Writing in first person is amateurish 99% of the time. Statistically speaking you are not the 1%. (I’m right when I say this 99% of the time). So, don’t expect your first published work to be first person.

Now you’ve gotten something written. It’s edited and edited well. And It’s good. Go on to step 4.

Step Four: How long is your work? Is it short enough to be included in an anthology or magazine? Is it so long as to be a stand-alone book? If it’s short go to step Five. If it’s a book, go to Step 6.

Step Five: Publishing a Short: Go to, find a periodical/anthology that prints your genre. Submit to that periodical/anthology following their guidelines. When you get rejected, repeat step five with another periodical/anthology.


Step Six: Get an Agent. This book has all the big agencies and many small ones: Follow the instructions in the book:

Honestly you could have skipped my whole blog post and just bought that book. It’s THE definitive guide to getting published.Step Six and a Half: Okay, getting an agent is harder than it sounds. Agents are as picky as publishers. But, it is their job to be. They don’t get paid if they don’t sell your book to a publisher, so they don’t want to waste time on authors without what they consider to be highly marketable books. So you have another option: Find a small publishing house. Be wary of publishing houses that charge for publishing. Some charge for other services like editing and marketing, but shouldn’t charge you for these services if they are publishing your book. Here are some publishers that do NOT charge for publishing your book beyond collecting a percentage of your sales. Technically, they publish your book, so they pay you a percentage of your sales.  Generally, do not expect an advance of any kind when dealing with small traditional publishers.  Submitting to a smaller publisher is not a guarantee of acceptance. They won’t publish you book if they don’t think it’s good enough to make them money. Hint: Have your book edited by someone else before you submit to a small publisher. Check their guidelines.

Hollow Hills Publishing does offer services such as editing for a fee, but if they are publishing your book, they provide these services at no cost.

Cheshire Grin Publishing, if they like your work, would like to publish your book. They don’t accept erotica, libel or hate material.

Step Seven: Self Publishing. When all else fails or if you’re just too lazy or impatient to keep sending out manuscripts just to be rejected over and over again, go to or and work through their steps to publish the book yourself. You’ll be ridiculed by authors who have published the traditional way, but someone might read your work. You won’t make money unless you’re willing to front a few thousand for marketing. Even so, there’s no guarantee. If you didn’t hire an editor and you self-publish, expect to lose stars by people who start to read your book but can’t get past the misplaced or missing commas, mispellings and utter incomprehension of how to use semi-colons and em-dashes.

Good Luck!

Postscript: You’ll notice I have not mentioned contacting major publishers to get a book published. Simply don’t. Get an Agent. As a novice writer you’re just prey to the many pay-to-publish companies out there. Remember, no matter what, never pay any money to a publishing company. An agent only gets paid a percentage of whatever publishing contracts they arrange for you. So you don’t pay an agent directly either. You can, as a self-published author, expect to pay for editing, cover art and marketing. Pay directly to editors, artists and marketing firms. Don’t pay anyone calling themselves a publisher, ever.

(If you have a bad experience with someone I linked, let me know)