Call For Art

Call for Cover Art Submissions

I have four books that need better covers so I am accepting submissions of cover art for these books.(see currently available published works for links) I’m looking for artists to create covers or cover art for these books. They have cover “art” now but I need to be able to say that without having to put those little quotes around the word art. The current cover “artist” (a.k.a. me) is not terribly talented. I’m hoping to find someone with more talent.

This is what my current covers look like and I’m looking for something better.

Second Blood





Submissions can be finished works or concepts along with examples of the artists other work. For each book cover, I’m likely to accept the first work that is of sufficient quality and that appeals to me as representative of the book. I am not looking for a complete book cover, just the primary artwork, but complete covers will be considered, so if that’s how you prefer to work, go for it.

Summary information on each book is provided below so that potential artists don’t have to read the whole book. I will discuss ideas via email. (address provided below or on contact page)

I’m hoping to be able to offer compensation, but artists needing more than ten dollars will be sorely disappointed. Honestly, I don’t sell that many books, but I’m embarrassed by the existent cover art and am hoping better cover art will help with the marketing. I’ll certainly be more willing to expose my books to more markets. If my sales improve sufficiently, I’ll be giving the cover artists a per-copy “bonus”.

Whether there is financial compensation or not, the chosen artists will gain bragging rights. I’ll also provide a free paperback of the book with the cover-art.

If needed, I’ll provide an actual simple contract with the chosen artist. An agreement of some kind will be reached between me and the artist before I use any art for any purpose. I will maintain the rights to use the image as a print and eBook cover for the assigned book and for other marketing of that book. Also, in pursuit of the prior mentioned usages, I will assume the rights to modify the image by cropping or by overlaying text related to the book, such as the title, author’s name, or a summary blurb on the back cover. There will be a “Cover art by…” line on the information page of the book. In advertising, the art may be converted to grayscale. Other minor color changes may occur during the print process, but I will not otherwise deliberately change any coloring without permission of the artist. The artist will also retain all rights to his or her work.

The requirements for the art are as follows:

*First read the rest of the requirements, then send submissions to “Wil#Ogden#@#wil#ogden”. (Remove all the ‘#’s  and add .com to the end.) The subject line should include the words “Cover Art” and the book for which it is being submitted. Book titles may be abbreviated as “Sheillene”, “Nightstone”, “Maia”, and “Piper”. Do not use abbreviated title names in the actual art.

*The art must be in electronic format 8.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide and 300dpi. (2550 pixels tall by 1650 pixels wide. The outer 1/4 inch edge will not printed, so all focal points of the art, and any text should be within the center 8″tx5″w area. Submissions can be made in compressed jpeg format, but must be available in uncompressed .bmp format upon request.

*The art may, optionally, include the book title and the author’s name (Wil Ogden). If these are not included, I will overlay them onto the art if and when I use the work as mentioned above. The art, if it does not include the book title and author’s name, should have a place for such to be overlaid without disrupting the image.

I’m open to all styles except cartoonish. I prefer a lighter feel to a dark feel. To be considered, the art should relate to the story of the book. I will not be providing free copies of the book prior to acceptance, but will not require artists to read the books. The initial pages of each book are available on  The entire novelette, Sheillene: Choosing Fate, is available for Free on or There should be enough information in the following to give artists what they need to know to produce covers. I am not looking for character portraits, though the information provided should be enough to detail the characters. Any works portraying the characters standing around a campfire will be automatically rejected. Dynamic or static does not matter as long as it’s well done.

The setting for the fantasy books is Mealth. Mealth is a medieval fantasy world of high magic. There are Humans, Abvi (short elves with six to nine inch pointed ears for artistic purposes), Matderi (Dwarves for artistic purposes) and unicorns among other species. There are no wheels, so make sure no art submissions include wheels. Wagons and such hover instead of roll.

The following information contains minor spoiler-ish information from my books. Just saying.

Sheillene: Choosing Fate

Sheillene has white-blonde hair and topaz blue eyes. For artistic purpose, think elf. She carries a bow and travelling pack on her back and her arrows at her hip. Her pack may have the neck of a short cherry colored lute jutting out. She wears light travelling leathers in browns and blues and has a bounty-hunters master’s medallion. For much of her life she is completely missing her right ear, though she has it for most of this story. (She loses it in “The Nightstone”, which takes place between the penultimate and final chapters of this story.) It being missing is not mentioned. She is a champion archer, but it’s not a reliable way to make a living. Sheillene is struggling with whether to be a bard or a bounty hunter, having talents in both. Her bardic mentor is a brown haired man with a bright blue wide brimmed hat which may or may not be pinned up and have fluffy feathers. Her bounty hunter mentor is a brutish looking man with a unique crossbow with eight bows fitted around a central stock. (fantasy world). Sheillene worships Temistar, an Artemis-like goddess of the hunt. Why yes I did just juxtapose some letters in Artemis’s name.

The Nightstone

The Nightstone has two primary characters in a convergent storyline. Pantros is a seventeen year old burglar from the town of Ignea. Ignea is a port town in the upwind shadow of an active volcano. Ignea most resembles any typical Spanish Mediterranean port city. Pantros wears dark silk clothing and has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Pantros carries a silver rapier with a highly ornate bell. Prince Kehet is the god-king of the near-mythical unicorns. He is white with a violet mane and tail. He has a silver horn and green eyes. He can assume the guise of a human, in such a guise he has long dirty blonde hair wears an open, unbelted, chainmail doublet over a dark red or maroon shirt. He carries two swords on his back – a bastard sword and a falchion. A major character is Heather. She is a barely-in-control fire wizard, though she will be dressed as a normal medieval maiden if she is used on the cover. For artistic purposes, she is 5’5″ and an auburn haired elf with gold eyes. Sheillene also plays a significant minor role in this book. The story centers on a gem the size of a Kiwi fruit that shifts in color from dark blue to deep red. There is also the threat of an invading demonic army. Other cities visited in the story are “Fork”, a human city made of stone and wood like Shakespearan London, and Melnith, an Abvi (elven) city of white marble spires with a handful that stretch more than a mile into the sky.

Piper, Gypsy, Swordmistress

Piper is a young woman with a desire to be a master of the sword. She is, at various points in the story, 10, 16 and 22. She is red-haired, green eyed and human and always small for her age. At 10 she kills a brown-scaled dragon with a shortsword by climbing it’s neck. Prince Kehet, a unicorn mentioned in “The Nightstone” has already fallen at the dragon’s feet. At 16 she wears gold and silver plate armor and carries two magical greatswords, each a foot longer than she is tall. One sword is clear crystal the other appears made of amber. At 22 she wears red, yellow and orange tight leather armor. Her primary “quest” in this story is to stop a war, but to do so an Abvi king is killed by one of her companions. She has various companions at different times in the story: Glenna and Corrian start as street urchins and evolve into magicians. They are twins with pale golden blonde hair and pale blue eyes. They are the same age as Piper, dressing as magicians at age 16 and up. Elia is a Tempest, She is a short Abvi (elf) with long brown hair and eyes. A tempest is a keeper of nature. Elia dresses better than most, in ornate leather armor. She carries a staff made of a living sapling oak. She is Piper’s mother figure. Julivel is a human with black hair and dark blue eyes. He is an assassin and dresses in dark – tight leathers. He’s not “good”, but for purposes of the story, he’s one of the good guys. The antagonists are an elven king and an elven mage. They would both be any shade of blonde.

Second Blood

This is a modern vampire novella. The protagonist is a new vampire with her hair dyed blood red who dresses in stereo-typical goth fashions. This is more a horror vamp than a romantic vamp story. Most of the primary characters are female. The most colorful antagonist would be a human vampire-hunter who dresses in medieval tournament plate with gold cross embellishments.
Shauna and Elsa from Second Blood:
Elsa and ShaunaMoon

With the twins and Laura as well:



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