The American Flag


Does this symbol threaten you?

American Flag

Do you feel intimidated by people who brandish this symbol brazenly?


If so, you should take up this symbol and wear it, carry it and display it.


Don’t let this become the symbol of fervent nationalism. Make sure the American flag continues to represent all of us. This flag represents a freedom from tyranny. This represents the freedoms of the constitution.

This represents equality among all Americans. Racial Equality and Equality of all sexual orientations. It represents Freedom to worship whatever god(s) you wish or the right to not worship any mythical beings, if that’s what you believe or don’t.

It does not represent only white men, but all Americans of any color or gender.

It does not represent only Republicans, but all Americans, of any political leaning.

It does not represent only nationalist zealots, but all Americans, regardless of how proud you are to be an American.

It is not a Christian symbol.

So, put this symbol alongside the other symbols that are important to you.

It can be proudly displayed along these other symbols: The American flag is supposed to represent the same things these do:

I could go on with other symbols of equality, but the truth is we should only need one—the first one displayed in this post.


(all images used in this post are believed to be in the public domain or creative commons 3.0 share and share alike)


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