Law of the Blood Queen released!

The second Nate Silver, Vampire, Hunter book is now available.

Law of the Blood Queen Front Cover

The long awaited followup novel to Nine Princes of Blood, Law of the Blood Queen follows Sheriff Nate Silver and Queen Daiyu Long as they attempt to settle into a peaceful Kingdom of Heaven (as the vampires call Los Angeles). But, some question the relatively young queen’s ability to govern. Some even think she is falling back on her historically evil ways to cement her power. It’s up to Nate Silver, her sheriff, to find the truth, but he has his own struggles in trying to get control of his bloodlust. Worse, he’s one of the vampires questioning Queen Dai’s integrity.

Get Law of the Blood Queen  on Kindle for $2.99

Buy Law of the Blood Queen in Paperback at Createspace (an Amazon company) for $9.99



About wilogden

Wil Ogden was destined to be a wastrel but thwarted fate. During his second junior year in high school he discovered he had a muse and a talent for writing. Despite taking almost a decade to complete a bachelor's degree by changing majors eleven times, he managed to grow up. Along the way he worked as a blacksmith, a record store manager, a candy store manager, too many years in food service, a four year stint in the USAF, and finally settled down into Information Technology, which he uses to pay the bills and support his family of himself, his wife, son, seven daughters, two dogs, three cats, six chickens, a snake, a ferret and two parakeets.

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