Caitlyn Jenner deserves her Espy.

I don’t get political if I can help it.

Sexual Identity should not be political.

There is irony in people complaining that Caitlyn Jenner should not have received her Espy Award for courage.

Just the mere fact that people would be so vocally against celebrating her courage and the fact that she had to know they would be proves that she deserves it.

People incorrectly equate transgender to homosexuality. Coming out as homosexual is difficult. Coming out as transgender is nigh impossible. I can comprehend homosexuality. Attraction is physiological and psychological. Love is, as unromantic as it is to admit, more physiological than psychological. Emotions are triggered by hormones when it comes to love.

It’s difficult for me to understand transgender, which is not me saying I think there’s anything at all wrong with people who feel they are, in fact, the opposite gender. It’s something I accept that I am not sufficiently expert at, and I leave it to the doctors to know. Just because I don’t understand it, doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize. Part of me still believes its not the individual that’s broken, but it’s society that’s broken in forcing people into roles based on their sex, but that only covers the social aspect of transgender. That’s probably still true but it doesn’t mean that transgender people don’t have a valid need to be the sex opposite that which they were born with.

One thing I’ve known for years: Transgender is not a sexuality. It often goes hand-in-hand with sexuality, because women, whether born as male or female, are more often attracted to men. So a woman who is genetically male, would seem homosexual for being attracted to men. But, not all transgender people are attracted to the opposite sex.

Transgender is a condition entirely about the self. It’s not a man thinking that because he’s attracted to other men he must actually be a woman; its a person knowing their own body is wrong for them. Transgender isn’t a new concept. Every major civilization has had people who lived cross-gendered. Today, however, medical science can make the changes, hormonally and physically to help people feel comfortable in their skin.

The thing about Caitlyn that many people don’t understand. She didn’t used to be Bruce. She was always Caitlyn. For a time, even she didn’t know it. For a time after that, she had to struggle to admit it. Finding the courage to not only admit it to herself but to the public as well, especially knowing the American public expected her to live up to being an Olympian gold-medal winning athlete role-model, is why she deserved the Espy.

I don’t speak with any authority on transgender. I have done some research because I have someone close to me going through the same thing. Luckily, she’s young enough that she doesn’t have to contend with a world that already has another expectation of her.


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