What’s Wil Been Doing

I obviously have not been blogging much. Honestly in a few months I haven’t blogged at all. I don’t use the blog as a diary, so daily boring stuff never makes it in here.

I have not been doing daily boring stuff. I can honestly say the reason I haven’t been blogging is that I haven’t had time.

I have too many hobbies. Writing is not one of them. Writing is who I am. I just don’t get paid much to write, so it looks like a hobby from the outside observer. I have been writing quite a bit. I am have just published the last book of my Blooddaughter Trilogy. I have three or four other active writing projects.

I am also closing in on publishing in print my roleplaying game setting. It’s more work than I thought it would be. Adding pictures to a book is not simple. Adding pictures with a license to actually distribute the book, for money, is exceptionally difficult when my budget is pocket change.

And I still have my forge and still work on knifemaking, though I haven’t actually hit much glowing metal with a hammer in a few months, but it’s been damned cold outside. And an 1800 degree forge really isn’t enough to heat the great outdoors. When it got warmer, I did go back out to the forge and promptly overworked some tendons in my arm. Right now my elbow hurts if I grip something like a hammer tightly.

And I still have my other dabblings in art and trying to learn music, which would be easier if I didn’t have other hobbies demanding my time.

And hobbies are not the only thing demanding my time. My family has been growing in unnatural ways. Somewhere in the last year, my wife and I took up foster parenting. So our house got another bedroom and lost a breakfast nook and the bedroom acquired it’s very own teenage girl. She’s a nice, quiet girl with an odd perception of reality. Luckily I, too, have an odd perception of reality, so we get along okay. I will say, as hard as it is to teach our biological children to learn from our teachings rather than their own mistakes, it’s harder when someone hasn’t grown their whole lives trusting your, or any parent’s for that matter, wisdom.

There have been other kids coming and going from our home. Foster parenting isn’t meant to be a permanent solution. Ideally these kiddos go home but sometimes, such as the one we have now, there isn’t a home to go back to.

Of my hobbies, my blogging is not the highest priority, but when I have something to say, I will.


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