Review: The Voice Top Twenty – Part 1.

Team Adam and Team Blake: The good, the bad and the woman who will send them all packing.

Here’s my take on Monday’s Team Blake and Team Adam’s live performances.

From worst to best:

Julio Cesar Castillo (Blake)sang the José Alfredo Jiménez song “El Rey.” When this guy sings and the judges give him praise for anything other than enthusiasm, I have to wonder just how bad the sound on my TV is. This guys performances have been downhill since “La Bamba”

Bryan Keith‘s(Adam) singing the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” didn’t really grab me. There are several contestants that do, meaning the ones that don’t have an uphill battle to gain my vote. Bryan didn’t.

Joselyn Rivera(Adam) sand Beyonce’s “Love on Top,” She sang through the words making most of the song unintelligable. I thought she did okay pitch-wise, but she’s out of her league at this point in the show.

Loren Allred (Adam) sand the aged “All Around the World” by Lisa Stansfield. This didn’t have the character or conviction of her Knockout Round performance. Consistancy is important at this point and Loren didn’t have that tonight.

When Liz Davis(Blake) came out with Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” was good, but lacked anything special to push it up to the best half of my chart.

I like Cassadee Pope(Blake). Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending” probably had it’s first ever live performance with Cassadee at the mic. I thought she added energy to the song, but sometimes Cassadee seems like she’s going through the motions without any passion. She did better tonight than her last performance, I’d keep her, but since she’s up against Liz and Liz is country, I think Cassadee may be heading home.

Terry McDermott(Blake) took on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”I think he phoned it in. It wasn’t as great as any of his other performances. Still, he’s great at what he does and that will keep him alive in the competition.

Michaela Paige(Blake) sang Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks”. She owned it. It was her best performances to date. She knows who she is musically and I suspect it will take her far.

Melanie Martinez(Adam) attempted the Ray Charles classic, “Hit the Road Jack” and gave the song a new life. It was a gutsy song choice, but she did more than okay with it.

And the night ended on a high note, literally, with Amanda Brown(Adam) belting out Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. She’s the winner of the night and the top contender for the Voice title from Team Adam.

My Predictions:

Team Adam:

Popular Votes: Melanie and Amanda.

Adam will save Bryan. Who he should save is a moot questions. Bryan, Joselyn and Loren are all equally over their heads at this point in the competition.

Team Blake:

Popular Votes: Terry and Micheala.

Blake will save Liz. He should save Cassadee.

Julio has had Blake choose him before over a clearly more talented singer. I can’t confirm it won’t happen again.


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