The Nightstone – Price lowered to Free for a limited time.

I have temporarily lowered the price of my most recent novel to $0 on Kindle. Yes, you get to keep it past the weekend for no additional cost. See previous blog post for some details about this novel.

The Nightstone

It’s a world where gods sometimes can be found in their temples, magic is part of daily life, and unicorns may or may not be myths.
Pantros, a burglar more famous than he knows, met his client and was shown a large blue gemstone. He was asked to steal it later that night from a man staying at his sister’s inn. Though it broke a promise he’d made to his sister, the chest of gold he was given in payment caused his judgement to waver. And the client told him he could keep the gem as well.
Of course, when it sounds too good to be true, there’s going to be a catch, or a curse, or both.
Pantros and his sister must deliver the stone to the Archmage, across lands rarely travelled. Only with Sheillene the Huntress as their guide can they hope to complete the journey and she may not be enough once the curse’s effects start to take hold.
Far to the north a young woman, Heather, is losing control of her fire magic. Seeking help is difficult when people found to possess fire magic are put to death. With the aid of her lover, Charles, they too begin a journey that will tie their fate to Pantros’s.
But, when people start to recognize Charles from Millenia past,ages before Charles was born, it becomes apparent that he may have the greatest destiny of all.
The Nightstone, a fantasy novel by Wil Ogden on Kindle
This is a 250 page(80,000 word) novel for $2.99 FREE! as an e-book. (free price expires 4/29/2012 at 11:59pm)


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