New Book Available

I have a new book available on Kindle. It’s going to be available solely on Kindle for a while since I’m trying out a new program they have but it requires exclusivity.

The book is “The Nightstone”, which introduces many of the characters in the world of Mealth, where “Of Maia’s Mist”, “Sheillene: Choosing Fate” and “Fortune Favors the Fool” take place.

It’s a world where gods sometimes can be found in their temples, magic is part of daily life, and unicorns may or may not be myths.
Pantros, a burglar more famous than he knows, met his client and was shown a large blue gemstone. He was asked to steal it later that night from a man staying at his sister’s inn. Though it broke a promise he’d made to his sister, the chest of gold he was given in payment caused his judgement to waver. And the client told him he could keep the gem as well.
Of course, when it sounds too good to be true, there’s going to be a catch, or a curse, or both.
Pantros and his sister must deliver the stone to the Archmage, across lands rarely travelled. Only with Sheillene the Huntress as their guide can they hope to complete the journey and she may not be enough once the curse’s effects start to take hold.
Far to the north a young woman, Heather, is losing control of her fire magic. Seeking help is difficult when people found to possess fire magic are put to death. With the aid of her lover, Charles, they too begin a journey that will tie their fate to Pantros’s.
But, when people start to recognize Charles from Millenia past,ages before Charles was born, it becomes apparent that he may have the greatest destiny of all.

To be fair, I should mention this is actually the first novel I have ever written, and although it’s been completely redone (three times), the basic plot is still the same as I wrote when I was eighteen or nineteen. So the frame of the plot is the stereo-typical fantasy where a bunch of people get together and traipse across the world for adventure. I know, it’s so generic. Really, it’s not. There are plenty of twists, some subtle stories hidden between the lines, and I think good character interaction. Like I said, I wrote the first draft of this one over two decades ago. The downside is the generic frame of the story. I had to stick with the original frame because all the characters appear in later stories, and when I wrote them, I knew how this story went. The Upside is that I know all the characters so much better as of this final rewrite.

I don’t write my books as sequels and prequels. Every story stands on it’s own. But, if you’ve read “Of Maia’s Mist” or “Sheillene…” you’ll recognize several of the characters and learn more of where they came from such as Kehet, Thomas, Duke Norda and Bryan.

The most notable character in this book is Pantros, who, for those who know me really well, know is a name I used for myself. The character came long before I adopted his name. Somewhere, way back when, I’ve blogged about my many aliases. The character is not me. He might have been similar to my perceptions of myself as of the original draft, but much has changed in both of us.

This is much shorter and much lighter fare than the current trends in fantasy novels. I mean, there are unicorns… There is also drama, magic, battles, love, lust (without graphic depictions, sorry) and a few funny bits.

Another fair warning: I e-publish about 2 months before I publish in print so I can get the last few editing errors caught before I move to hard-copies. Yes, there are likely a few spelling errors in the e-book. (Very few, since I do proof-read thouroghly and did hire a professional editor on this one.) But I still catch one or two on every read through. With Kindle I can update the book and the changes will propogate to the devices. And yes, I know about the spelling error in the description blurb. I’ll be fixing that one on Sunday at midnight.


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