Little Updates

I’m in a creative slump. Call it writer’s block, call it uninspired.

I’m actually writing, but I’m focusing on rewriting the first of my fantasy novels. Okay, so that’s what I was doing. I’m mostly done with that and ready to move on to the next.

“Of Maia’s Mist” – the novel I currently have out there and available is actually the third chronologically of the novels I’ve written in that particular fantasy world. Each of my novels are stand-alone, so there is no reason to need to read them order. Since the first two are not currently available, I don’t see any need for you all to wait just to read them in order.

My novels do not center on the same characters. The main characters in one novel are corollary characters in the others. So sequence is not so important.

I said I was mostly done with the first of those novels. (I have four with second drafts finished and about 10 in various stages of first drafts) The thing I have left to do with the first of those novels is editing. Catching typos is difficult, especially for me since I don’t read letters, I don’t even read words. I read phrases.

So, I am offering Free Author’s Proof copies of my first novel to two volunteer proofreaders. These are print copies. The caveat is that these volunteers must agree to send me a report of any spelling errors, typos or potential grammatical errors. I specify potential with grammatical errors because I don’t always agree with the way it’s supposed to be done. I reserve the right to have a style that is, occasionally, non-standard.

I should have proof print copies available in about two weeks if I get the two volunteers. Interested folks should send me an email. I expect to get two or three volunteers and will use some undisclosed super-secret random or not method to choose two fo the volunteers. See my Contact information. To avoid spam I am slightly cryptic in my email address. It shouldn’t be too difficult a puzzle for a person and hopefully impossible for a spam-bot.

The current title of the first Novel is “The Nightstone”. I do my own cover art, mostly because I don’t really make enough money on my writing to warrant paying a professional, and right now that cover art is less than stellar.



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