Modern Family and the F-word

People are upset? Really?

I’m looking at articles by the people who are upset that a Toddler (Lily) spoke the F-word several times on Modern Family’s airing last night and have come to the following conclusions:

1) Most of them didn’t actually watch the show.

2) They didn’t do enough actual external research to realize what actually was shown on TV.

First, the F-word used by the young actress was ‘Fudge’. Second, the word was bleeped and her lips were blurred to give the illusion she said something that starts with F and rhymes with ‘duck’. The toddler’s utterances of this word invoke laughter from one of her fathers. And (spoiler alert) the story line reaches fruition, when Lily, as a flower girl at a wedding, sees her father crying and decides to cheer him up by making him laugh. And yes, she steals the thunder at the wedding for a moment or two while the entire assembly laughs.

The show is not promoting swearing children, but just showing how families deal with it when it comes up. Modern Family is funny because it’s comedic versions of families are familiar to those of us who have ever been part of a family. Sure they push the extreme personality types here and there for a laugh, but mostly it’s just normal families in normal situations that we all encounter.

The parent’s lecture to the two year old girls was pretty much the modern standard politically correct sit down and talk about it methodology. Forty years ago it would have been the ‘take this bar of soap and stick it in your mouth’ method. I think my wife had my kids lick a bar of soap if they said ‘bad words’. I have two teenagers and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them utter the F-word, and rarely other ‘swear’ words, so the soap method seems to work.

As I’ve said before, making public complaints about any show is not going to negatively affect the audience size. Any press is good press when it comes to showbiz. Fans who are already watching would not be offended. It’s not like the show was teaching anyone a new word. If they already know the word, they might be able to piece together the clues. The only effect of complaining about the show in the media will have is drawing a few curious people in to see what the fuss was about, increasing the audience size.

Side-note: I am not blogging as regularly as I’d like because the actual news is being drowned under by politics this year and I do not want to get political. All I will say on politics is this: Don’t adopt the platform stances of your political party or favorite candidate. Think about each issue, maybe do some research, then decide where you stand, and then support the politician whose stances most closely resemble yours.


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