Door to Door is evil, always evil.

I just had a person come to my door and try to sell me something.

I don’t even know what it was they were selling. I spoke to them for three or so minutes and they never got around to telling me. All they said, repeatedly, was that they were trying to better themselves with an occasional question as to whether I believed in second chances.

I let her spew her spiel for a while before I informed her of my policy to never buy anything from, or donate anything to, a door to door solicitor.

I was particularly dismayed when she mentioned that she was working to earn enough points so that she could recruit other young people and give them second chances to better themselves. I heard ‘pyramid scheme’.

And in my experience all door-to-door operations are a form of pyramid scheme.

Without mentioning any particular multi-chromatic vacuum brand names or purveyors of a catalog of household products claiming to support the American way, let’s just say there is no such thing as a good deal to be had at your doorstep.

Never ever let anyone you know become involved in door to door sales. There is no such thing as a good business opportunity that starts with door to door sales. Profit only comes to those who convince other people to do the door to door sales on pure commission, and only a fraction of that commission to boot.

Here’s the hint that the door-to-door sales job is a scam: You have to invest your money to start.

Sorry, investing your money in a job only counts if you can at a later date sell your investment.

So I don’t support these poor idiots that fall victim to these scams, and the biggest victims are the salespeople. The customers are victims by choice. Anything is worth what you’re willing to pay for it, at least to you. But the poor sods who waste their days going door-to-door hoping to sell their overpriced products so they can receive a less than fair share of the profits are the real victims. They are under the illusion they have a job. They don’t.  This illusion prevents them from looking and finding a real job that pays them for their time, not just a scupper’s share.

The reason I don’t support the victims: I don’t want to be any part of the motivation to continue with the business model. Like every other moral stance in life, it may seem futile for just me to be doing it, but every movement starts with one person speaking up and acting out. I can only hope that more people adopt the policy of not contributing to door to door sales.

There used to be an exception to this rule in the form of Girl Scouts and their evil diet killers. But they discontinued the practice of door to door sales because it can be unsafe.

So these profiteers, the guys who convince other’s to go door to door are not just leeching off of their neediness, but also willing to endanger their victims to do so.

Do not buy anything at your doorstep. Period. Big damned period.


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