Today’s Hero Politician

Senator Tom Coburn, A Republican from Oklahoma, released his budget plan, which he dubbed “Back in Black” on Monday (July 18).

I’m not saying its a good plan. I’m not particularly fond of Senator Coburn’s political stances on pretty much every issue. But his plan, at least at the high level, seems to take into consideration the important things a budget should consider. I don’t necessarily agree with his assessments of the budget, but it’s refreshing to see the assessments being made, rather than simply drawing a budget that follows party line bullet points. What truly sets this budget plan apart from most from the right wing of the political spectrum is the willingness to raise taxes, in many cases by closing loopholes that affect people who don’t really need the loopholes.

Any absolutist stance on any issue is a stance taken without thought. An unwillingness to consider possilities for exception is an unwillingness to think. In his “Back in Black” budget plan, Senator Coburn is showing that he does, in fact, think. That, in and of itself should be enough to make him a Hero Politician.

Again this is not an endorsement of Senator Coburn or his “Back in Black”  plan. It’s simply kudos for making an effort beyond the limits where most politicians will tread.


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