The Voice: Semi-Finals Review

I haven’t really been doing the episode by episode recap/opinion/judging thing with “The Voice”. I am a little bit embarrassed of my Television habits. I mean I am very much against “Reality” television as opposed to Scripted Television. So it’s a little embarrassing to admit to watching some of the competitions they have on television. Okay, so I only watch two. “The Voice” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. I used to watch “American Idol”, but I’ve lost my stomach for its particular flavor.

My one quip about the “The Voice” is the exceptionally short season. I mean It’s been just a few weeks since the show’s premiere and next week is the Finals. This week is the Semi-Finals.

At the beginning of last night’s show we learned which members of Team Adam and Team Cee Lo would be performing in the Semi-Finals. Vicci Martinez and Javier Colon won the popular vote white the coaches saved Nakia and Casey Weston. I think, so far, the picks have been good to dead-on.

On to the performances. Critiqued from worst to best:

Nakia: Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me” (Team Cee Lo)

The guy can sing, but everyone left on the show right now can sing. He can work an audience. So why is this my worst performance of the night? I don’t remember. And that’s about it. Nothing memorable. Nakia will not be in the Finals.

Javier Colon: Coldplay’s “Fix You” (Team Adam)

Javier has an awesome voice. He has a likable personality. His constant crooked cap is a bit of a put-off. It’s hard to take someone seriously in a oddly cocked cap. I give him credit for throwing off his cap during his performance, displaying the fact that he, like about half the people on the show, is a member of the chrome dome club. Nothing wrong with that at all, just an odd statistical blip, given a set of 14 personalities between singers, coaches and hosts, that four of them are totally bald. The performance was as good as it could be for a too-current song. And the middle of the song was a bit messy, not really showcasing the vocal talents in the overwhelming thunder of the band.

Casey Weston: Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” (Team Adam)

It’s always hard to redo a Whitney Houston Song and not sound like Whitney Houston — So Adam told Casey in rehearsal. I can only guess the next thing he said was, “Just sing it all in Vibrato and people won’t be able to tell.” A solid performance, but a little boring in comparison to the rest. However, since Javier is the more charismatic of Team Adam’s singers and their performances so closely matched, I’m going to guess that Javier, not Casey will be representing Team Adam in the Finals.

Xenia: The Script’s “The Man(One) Who Can’t Be Moved” (Team Blake)

Honestly, Xenia is not on-par with the other singers in this competition. She has two things going for her: A very unique vocal tone and her youthful permeating cuteness. Unfortunately her tone blended and disappeared into the music for several bars mid-song. This girl will make several Albums over the course of her career, but her career is not starting this year. She’s only 16 so she is still in the formative stage and the future will be bright for this one. I suspect Xenia will be leaving the show tonight, but she’s made the connections to ensure a future in the business.

Beverly McClellan: B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone” (Team Christina)

This was nothing but an incredible performance. Beverly can sing. That she’s currently so popular among the viewership is one of the appealing things about “The Voice.” I mean she’s not youthful, she’s certainly not mainstream, and she’s bald. But, she can sing and perform on stage and in this competition that’s what does and what should count.

Vicci Martinez: Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” (Team Cee-Lo)

Vicci does not do as well with this song as Florence and the Machine. She doesn’t do it much differently. I’m really not sure what was going on with her hair. Still, the drums added power to the performance and the song is a powerful song and she sang it well. Oh, and she sang last, which is, in any competition, the pimp spot. Given that she was up against Nakia, she’s safe tonight.

Frenchie Davis: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” (Team Christina)

Frenchie was an audience favorite going into the competition. She can sing and she has charisma. I always think of “Like a Prayer” as a risqué song, but I’d never seen it performed on stage. I’m used to the imagery of Madonna’s almost blasphemous video. Without the video reference it’s a good strong song and Frenchie did it well. It’s a tough call for Team Christina.

Dia Frampton: REM’s “Losing My Religion” (Team Blake)

Talent wise, everyone on this show has immense talent. Dia stands far above the other competitors. It’s not even remotely close. Perfect song choice. Perfect performance. This song is now on my iphone.

Most of the people listed above have prior record releases. These are not all amateurs. “The Voice” is not an amateur competition, which probably explains the lack of sucky performances.

The one other bit of odd information gleaned from last night’s show. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 lives in a box without windows. He hadn’t heard Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me”, which really isn’t too much of a surprise, but he hadn’t heard “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” – A song prominently played on the same Genre Stations that play Maroon 5.

Follow Up: The four Finalists are : Dia, Beverly, Vicci and Javier.


One thought on “The Voice: Semi-Finals Review

  1. great writeup. I was bored by the uber-polished Dia, but that’s just me. Yeah, I’m a bit perturbed they have so many people who have had recording contracts… I don’t like that at all…. I expect next season to not have any – because, if they repeat this action again, I won’t watch. One of the main complaints from everyone I know is like this, we don’t care if these people have performed at festivals, opening acts, etc, that’s not shocking for people interested in getting a recording contract, but I do care if they are already signed – that means Professional. Unfair to amateurs, as you can easily tell by the polished performances. I like the amateurs the most for that reason, they are real.

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