The Voice

American Idol is dead to me.  I thought I was in the 18-49 demographice that the show was aimed at, but it seems the show is simply aimed at 16-25 year old girls who want ford focuses and boyish male singers.

I thought I’d be able to go without a singing competition, since I had no plans to watch American Idol Extreme (a.k.a. X-factor) but then I discovered The Voice.

Its a much slimmer singing competition with a whole lot less focus on the bad. I mean we never see a bad performance, the original auditions were not shown. Instead we see only the thirty five or so finalists that we first see singing a full song to a full band backup, before the judges. Well actually behind the judges so that the judges can choose based on vocal talent.

After each judge selects 8 people to coach, they throw them in the bear-pit on the stage in four pairs singing against eachother in duet duels. The winner of each duel, chosen by their coach/judge,  goes on to the next round where the viewers will get to vote. At least when they get sent home here, they know exactly why.

Five reasons The Voice is better than American Idol:

1) Blind Auditions: The judges must choose based on sound alone.

2) Invested Judges: The judges are the coaches. The coach of the winner get’s bragging rights.

3) Invested Judges: They can’t get through by playing it nice. They have to spend time to work out their singer’s flaws.

4) It’s only on an hour each week. I don’t have to invest three to five hours each week of my life to a tv show. This may change a little when we have results shows, but still. It’s not a whole week of free time dedicated to one show.

5) I don’t have to hear “Yo, Yo, In it to win it, you could sing the phonebook, dawg.”


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