Today’s Hero Politician

Today, The Wisconsin State Senate passed a measure to remove collective bargaining rights. How I feel about that is irrelevant. They had been stalled on passing the measure before because it had been part of the budget proposal and that required a quorum to even have the vote. The Democrats had simply stopped showing up in an effort to keep the measure from passing. By removing it from the budget and voting on it separately the absence of the Democrats did nothing to stop the vote.

Republican Sen. Dale Schultz voted against the party-line and against the measure. He explained,
“I voted my conscience which I feel reflects the core beliefs of the majority of voters who sent me here to represent them.”

His vote on the measure is unimportant to why he was chosen a hero. The reasons he explained behind his vote are important. If every politician used this criteria in all their votes, we would live in an ideal example of a republic.


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