Firefly: The Rebirth

Two Disclaimers: I am not in a position to know anything about this subject and anything contained herein is purely me (and thousands of other people) daydreaming.

And a warning. If you’d never watched Joss Whedon’s Firefly or the movie Serenity, stop reading now and set your DVR to record the re-airing of the show on the Science Channel, starting March 6.  There’s just no point to keep reading until you’ve seen it. You won’t get the points of this post until you do (on DVD, BluRay or Netflix) and the movie. Also I will be quite spoilerish.

Firefly was arguably the greatest television show ever. Okay so that’s probably a lot of arguing to defend that stance, but the show was gorram good. I can skip over the parts where I explain why it was good. The rear window of my car with the ‘Serenity’ sticker should be enough to show which position in said argument I would take.

The big question is, how after almost a decade, can we bring the show back. Most of the people involved would return with one notable exception. Shepherd Book is quite irrevocably dead. Wash’s fate is less certain. There’s a tiny window of opportunity to claim some medical rescue occurred and no one knew about it.

To be honest, Nathan Fillion is having remarkable success with his show, Castle. Good thing he’s one of the more enthusiastic of the cast to return to his role. Captain Malcolm Reynolds, despite having less than 15 hours of screen presence is an icon.

The other actors have seen various degrees of success. Adam Baldwin has spent several years as Jayne Cobb, if he were five hundred years earlier, worked for the government and maybe twice as smart. Only he goes by John Casey now and is frequently helping out his spy-teammate Chuck. Notice they didn’t even bother to change the initials. Given that any remake would have to film off season, Adam might be back.

Summer Glau has had a few short runs on Television and though her current role as Orwell in The Cape hasn’t officially been cancelled, the show is pretty much DOA. River Tam will return if Firefly is resurrected. Ditto to her brother. He’s not really worked since Firefly in anything steady.

Alan Tudyk, aka the impaled pilot has had a good bit of success including an upcoming pilot and some time on Broadway in Spamalot. But Joss says Wash could return. His wife, Captain Fillion’s right hand gun, Zoe, should return, too.

Jewel Staite, our favorite smudged face mechanic, Kaylee. saw some time in a few other roles, mostly also Sci-Fi genre. I don’t know if she’d be back or not. I suspect she would. Inara, our favorite futuristic working girl, is now a lizard alien with short hair. Given the lack of popularity of that remake show, she’ll probably be available to return to Serenity.

The obstacles here are not so much price. The show could be made on a small budget if the actors really love the work and take a cut of future sales in lieu of massive paychecks. Fox has, so far, been unwilling to revive the show or sell the property rights. The Science Channel has bought the old episodes with intent to show them regularly. A basic cable channel might be a good place for a revival to live, but there is a better home. Imagine if Starz or Showtime or HBO made the show? It could be better. It would mean shorter seasons, but better quality and probably more stable, though we’d only get 10 episodes a year.

Nathan Fillion has expressed interest in buying the rights to the show from FOX, with the caveat of if he won the lottery. There’s a Facebook group out there to support the cause – actually there are several. The current one to join is “Help Nathan Buy Firefly” On this rare occasion I’ll even provide a link:


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