The Political Post That Never Was

No, seriously it wasn’t. It won’t be. I’m not even going to say what, exactly, it was about.

I had a long and terribly amusing post written up for today. The problem with it is that it was more political than I would really like to be. There are a gadjillion and three bloggers out there posting about politics and most of them are at least a little more ignorant than I am on the subject. I, therefore, in an effort to not be included in that pile of ignoramuses, am trying really hard to be non-partisan when I do sink to the level of genericblogger01969 and post about politics. And there’s the fact that I’m totally lying about the post I wrote yesterday. It was not terribly amusing.

By blogging about politics, I would guarantee that half of the American audience would be unamused, no matter how many made-up, funny sounding words I used. So, I won’t post what I had unless I figure out a way to make it more fun. Since the subject matter was time sensitive, I expect to get back around to it the Tuesday after never.

I will salvage this one line from it, because it’s the only vaguely amusing thing from the post I wrote. Its non-partisan but about politics.

Politics is a funny game. When I use the word ‘funny’, I mean when your wife hands you an open carton of milk from your refrigerator and asks, “Does this smell funny?”


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