The Political Post That Never Was

No, seriously it wasn’t. It won’t be. I’m not even going to say what, exactly, it was about.

I had a long and terribly amusing post written up for today. The problem with it is that it was more political than I would really like to be. There are a gadjillion and three bloggers out there posting about politics and most of them are at least a little more ignorant than I am on the subject. I, therefore, in an effort to not be included in that pile of ignoramuses, am trying really hard to be non-partisan when I do sink to the level of genericblogger01969 and post about politics. And there’s the fact that I’m totally lying about the post I wrote yesterday. It was not terribly amusing.

By blogging about politics, I would guarantee that half of the American audience would be unamused, no matter how many made-up, funny sounding words I used. So, I won’t post what I had unless I figure out a way to make it more fun. Since the subject matter was time sensitive, I expect to get back around to it the Tuesday after never.

I will salvage this one line from it, because it’s the only vaguely amusing thing from the post I wrote. Its non-partisan but about politics.

Politics is a funny game. When I use the word ‘funny’, I mean when your wife hands you an open carton of milk from your refrigerator and asks, “Does this smell funny?”


About wilogden

Wil Ogden was destined to be a wastrel but thwarted fate. During his second junior year in high school he discovered he had a muse and a talent for writing. Despite taking almost a decade to complete a bachelor's degree by changing majors eleven times, he managed to grow up. Along the way he worked as a blacksmith, a record store manager, a candy store manager, too many years in food service, a four year stint in the USAF, and finally settled down into Information Technology, which he uses to pay the bills and support his family of himself, his wife, son, seven daughters, two dogs, three cats, six chickens, a snake, a ferret and two parakeets.

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