In 2011, I hope to learn how to communicate better with people who are not quite as intelligent as me.

I also hope to post more regularly to my blog.

Those two things are not necessarily connected. Well, maybe a little bit. But don’t think for a second I’m calling any of my readers stupid. I covered that clearly in my very first posts.

One of my plans to post more regularly on my blog is to establish a schedule. Like on Mondays I would post an entertainment review, Tuesdays I would discuss geek entertainment such as role-playing games. Wednesdays I would post something vaguely political or regarding my take on current events, Thursdays I would post something more personal, if I get desperate enough I could always resort to the playlist.  Fridays would be a wild-card day.  That’s not set in stone, but its an idea bouncing around in my brain. (I pondered sticking an adjective before brain such as “massive” or “overpowered”. I didn’t ponder sticking something like “smarter-than-yours” there; that would be rude.)

I resolve to get back under 200lbs.

I resolve to drink less Coca-Cola. Maybe just 2 bottles a day. They tell me water can also quench thirst. I’m skeptical. If I fall asleep, how would I be able to confirm that?

And I resolve to get more stories published.


About wilogden

Wil Ogden was destined to be a wastrel but thwarted fate. During his second junior year in high school he discovered he had a muse and a talent for writing. Despite taking almost a decade to complete a bachelor's degree by changing majors eleven times, he managed to grow up. Along the way he worked as a blacksmith, a record store manager, a candy store manager, too many years in food service, a four year stint in the USAF, and finally settled down into Information Technology, which he uses to pay the bills and support his family of himself, his wife, son, seven daughters, two dogs, three cats, six chickens, a snake, a ferret and two parakeets.

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