In 2011, I hope to learn how to communicate better with people who are not quite as intelligent as me.

I also hope to post more regularly to my blog.

Those two things are not necessarily connected. Well, maybe a little bit. But don’t think for a second I’m calling any of my readers stupid. I covered that clearly in my very first posts.

One of my plans to post more regularly on my blog is to establish a schedule. Like on Mondays I would post an entertainment review, Tuesdays I would discuss geek entertainment such as role-playing games. Wednesdays I would post something vaguely political or regarding my take on current events, Thursdays I would post something more personal, if I get desperate enough I could always resort to the playlist.  Fridays would be a wild-card day.  That’s not set in stone, but its an idea bouncing around in my brain. (I pondered sticking an adjective before brain such as “massive” or “overpowered”. I didn’t ponder sticking something like “smarter-than-yours” there; that would be rude.)

I resolve to get back under 200lbs.

I resolve to drink less Coca-Cola. Maybe just 2 bottles a day. They tell me water can also quench thirst. I’m skeptical. If I fall asleep, how would I be able to confirm that?

And I resolve to get more stories published.


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