My IPod Playlist – part 1 of x

These are the actual songs on my playlist, in order alphabetically. Anytime I decide to do this, there will be 10 song titles from my playlist posted with a short blurb about why I like the song.


#1 Crush

by Garbage

I never saw much of the movie Romeo + Juliet, the one with Leo DiCaprio. This song is from the soundtrack. I have it as part of a VH1 compilation CD or something. I probably bought the compilation for the song. I am a pretty big Garbage fan. I probably have a dozen or so Garbage CDs, including CD singles. This particular song is about insanely absolute devotion. There is a haunting droning to the lyrics as Shirley Manson repeats “I would die for you, I would die for you”


13x Forever

by Garbage

This one is from their single for ‘Special’. This one, though also about a dysfunctional relationship is on the other side of the spectrum. Gotta love any song that starts with lyrics like

Thirteen times you fucked with my karma

And thirteen times I sucked on your dogma

You taught me to hate

You taught me to crawl

32 Flavors

by Alana Davis

I don’t have the original Ani DiFranco version. If I did I’d have that one on my iphone instead. I have it because I like the melody and the message. It’s not one of the more profoundly poetic songs in my library, but it’s not devoid of deep meaning either.



by Bowling for Soup

I am a particular fan of anyone who can produce quality music and at the same time have a sense of humor. This song, while about a 40 something housewife, is really about how so many of us are not where our teenage selves thought we’d be in life. Honestly, as teenagers, most of us had no concept of what life after school would be like.


All I Wanna Do

by Sheryl Crow

I think there’s a little part of all of us that would like to have nothing better to do in life than sit in a bar at noon on Tuesday and watch other people go about their hectic lives. I’d get insanely bored after five minutes of such a life, but I’d treasure those 5 minutes.


All She Wants to do is Dance

by Don Henley

We’re a long way from the days when Nicaragua was the scary place they talked about in the news. This is a song from that era. It must have stuck in my brain back then because I don’t really know why I like it so much anymore. Probably a little Nostalgia.

All the Things She Said

by t.A.T.u

Sung by two teenage faux lesbians in catholic schoolgirl uniforms. It’s bouncy, it’s fun. I have a strange taste for bubblegum pop. I particularly like this group not just for their camera-persona-image, but because it’s such a great story of manipulative managers and a shady music business. I mean these girls are Russian and at the time they recorded this song, they didn’t speak English at all. They sang sounds they were coached to sing without knowing what the individual words meant. They knew what the song meant, though, because they did the same song in Russian too. It is the song I have on my iphone and not the video, just to allay the suspicions that I only have this to watch two young girls kiss. I should also note that no other Russian musical act has even come close to t.A.T.u’s record sales numbers.


by Heart

Another Nostalgic song that I still find very pretty. Heart was in their heyday during the years that I was becoming aware of popular music. I have the 45 for this, but this is probably ripped off my CD of their greatest hits. It totally sucks that as a responsible adult I can’t justify buying the full libraries of every musical act that I like. I had all their albums on cassette, but all my cassettes were stolen from my car when I was 21. I could afford a lot more music when I was the manager of a record store during my senior year of high school. Twenty years later and I just now have the same number of CDs that I had cassettes. Oh, crap, everything is MP3 now? Kidding, I convert all my CDs to iPod friendly formats.


American Girl

by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Tom is a very socially aware songwriter without being so obvert as bands like U2 or Greenday. Not the happiest of songs, but helps me remember to keep life a little real for my kids and not to raise them on out-of-reach promises.


American Pie

by Don McLean

This is a brilliant song about something. I’ve just never really figured out what. We all assume it’s about the death of Buddy Holly, but there is far more to it than that. It’s loaded with imagery that seems to be about the downfall of society in general more than music. That’s right, back in 1971, it seems Don was convinced the world was coming to an end. 30 years later Madonna had the audacity to cover this megalith of American music history. I had that version of the song on my iphone too for a while, but it got old. The original didn’t.

That concludes installment #1 of I don’t know how many.


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