Commercialism on Christmas

There are people who believe that Christmas is too commercial.

Rather than insult the folks who tout lines like “Put the Christ back in Christmas”, I’m going to simply discuss the positive aspects of commercializing Christmas.

Commercialization is about money; it’s all about making more money out of the holiday, right? No argument there. It’s all about the money.

More money means more jobs. I could stop there, it’s really that simple. We’re supporting a fraction of Americans by commercializing Christmas. I was going to say small fraction, but it’s actually a pretty large fraction of people who owe their entire livelihood to the Commercialization of Christmas. We support plenty of foreign folks too, but we do that with everything we do so it’s not really a factor.

Think about all the factories that make reindeer closing. Does anyone really want those people who make plastic reindeer to starve, even if they are somewhere in Whoknowswheristan? Even if those plastic reindeer are made elsewhere, there are thousands of jobs within the United States that rely on the sales of those reindeer to support their jobs in logistics and marketing and retail sales.

So if you happen to be one of the people who think we should put the Christ back into Christmas, that’s fine. Spend four hours on Christmas Eve at the church of your choosing. But don’t forego the ever so important Christmas Spending Spree.

Also, don’t begrudge the people who choose to celebrate Christmas without converting to Christianity. Having these people fall in with the habit of spending 20% of their income in 10% of the year further stimulates the global economy and provides jobs.

If you don’t want to put up a lavish display of Santa and his eight or nine Reindeer, I understand that those hard working folks in Whoknowswhereistan also make plastic Nativity scenes.

There, that’s all I am going to say about that today.

For an encore I will now see how long it takes me to name all 9 reindeer without any reference material.

(These will be in white text so you have to mouse- over to read – in case you wanted to challenge yourself first)

((Donner Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Dasher Blitzen Rudolph.)) 12 Seconds. Woot.

I’m too old to add Olive, the other reindeer.


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