There are actually people out there that think that science is something people can choose to believe in. These people tend to believe that science is akin to witchcraft. Science is not mystical and it is not a religion. Science is studying things using logic and empirical evidence. There is no leeway to believe or disbelieve in properly handled science.

It’s just theoretical, right? There is much science that is theoretical, currently. But at some point, many theories get proven one way or another. Scientifically speaking, when I say “proven” what I really mean is that people tried to disprove it and failed.

Gravity, for instance, is not a theory. Gravity is. How gravity works is still theoretical in many parts of it, but there are many aspects of gravity that are known to absolute facts. For example, Using Newton’s theories of gravity we can use math to define the gravitational forces between two objects by knowing their mass and distance.

Science evolves. As we study things and get better at measuring things, we learn that our theories are not always spot on. Newton’s equations start to lose accuracy as you get deeper into the decimal places. This doesn’t make them wrong; this just means we missed a detail here or there. Like with Gravity. Einstein’s theory of General Relativity added to what we know about gravity so that in addition to mass and distance, we now know we really need to know their motion in regard to one another. We also redefine gravity from a force to the curvature of space-time around mass, but I don’t want to confuse people too much.

Evolution is not at all a theory. It just is the way it is. There are still hypotheses regarding some of the finer details and there are people studying evidence and experiments to understand whether those hypotheses are true or false. But most of what most people think of when they think of evolution is not theory but proven and provable fact. People who argue against it can pick at the flaws in Darwin’s ideas, and be able to disprove several of Darwin’s ideas. The thing is that those wrong ideas have been superseded by other people’s studies of evolution. It is a provable fact all living organisms evolved from other organisms which in turn evolved from other organisms ad nauseam until we’re talking about single celled organisms three and half billion years ago.

Yes, that is all provable facts. No, I can’t prove it here in my blog. Professional Ignoramuses will deliberately not study all the facts. I mean it takes years to get a baccalaureate in biology and even those people don’t know all the facts. It’s safe to say that no one knows all the facts. Scientists are big on admitting they don’t know all the facts. Anti-scientists will use that to claim there is a possibility the scientists are wrong. The scientists are not wrong. Some anti-scientists will go so far as to say that science itself is smoke and mirrors, nothing more than mental prestidigitation. They bank on the idea that their audiences will choose to remain as ignorant as they do.

Just because I can’t tell you the RGB ratios of solar light in the atmosphere does not mean the sky isn’t blue. If I can see that it is blue, and the calibration of my eyes has been verified, then the sky is blue. After I take the time to study it further I will be able to tell you the exact wavelengths of the light. The process of further investigation into the details does not denigrate the initial fact of the sky being blue. If you took the time to look up, you’d also know without a doubt that the sky was blue, unless you happen to be colorblind, in which case you’ll have to take the time to get out the measuring instruments and read the results of those tests. Just because you don’t take the time to look up or properly study the evidence for yourself doesn’t make the sky not blue.

I am all for religion. It’s a great thing for explaining things we can’t know or things we can’t disprove. It’s even okay for things we don’t understand yet. There is always the capability of rationalizing that we simply haven’t found a way to detect or measure that which our religion says to be true. A true scientist will tell you they cannot rule out the presence of a higher power. They’ll likely also tell you that no evidence exists to support the existence of any gods. They may even say that the deities of current holy scriptures cannot exist as described.

Clearly there are difficulties and science and religion cannot coexist peacefully. In this battle, it will most probably be religion that falls at every point of contention. The smarter religions are backing down on the points of contention. I mean science has provable facts on their side. To be thorough I should say facts that have so far shown to be non-disprovable, but anti-scientists will try to use that loophole as far bigger than it really is.

Science is a study of facts. It is not mystical and doesn’t rely on anyone to believe in it to be true. In any battle between scientific facts and religious dogma, dogma loses every time.


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