Some Military officer is refusing deployment because he doesn’t believe in Obama’s right to be Commander in Chief.


How can any intelligent person still be a “Birther”

Birthers are people who believe that Barack Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen.

The people who believe there is evidence to support the idea that Obama is ineligable to be President are overlooking several factors. Not the least of these factors is that McCain, an extremely powerful politician and the one person who had the most to gain if Obama were truly ineligable for the office, does not believe that Obama is anything other than a natural born citizen of the United States.

All the evidence that has surfaced, to date, that may lead a person to believe Obama was not born to an American Citizen, or that he was born somewhere that wasn’t in the United States, is not only manufactured but poorly manufactured.

Here’s what you need to know to understand without a doubt that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen. He was born in Hawaii sometime after July 6, 1898 when Hawaii became part of the United States. The only agency in a position to disprove this, The Hawaii Department of Health, asserts that he was born there. This should be the end of the discussion.

To be a Birther, a person must believe in the absolute corruptness of not only Obama, but of the entire staff of the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health. Also include the United States Supreme Court which has refused to review any of the multitudes of paranoid freaks’ cases. Also include every member of congress who would have the power to initiate an official review.

Look at the score:

Obama can and has produced a birth certificate saying he was born in Honolulu Hawaii in 1961. Hawaii has confirmed that this is a valid document. Hawaii explains that it differs from the hand written copies issued at the time of birth because Hawaii digitized all their birth records, destroying paper copies, prior to 2001. This is all a proper and legal process.

Birthers have only produced fake birth certificates that were easy identified as forgeries. Absolutely no evidence exists to show that Obama was not born in Hawaii. Just because they cannot obtain a copy of the Hawaiian birth certificate, due to legal restrictions on access, does not mean the birth certificate doesn’t exist. All it means is that Hawaii is upholding the legal responsibility to maintain personal privacy.

At this point it takes a bonafide detachment from reality to continue to espouse the beliefs of the Birthers. They might as well try to prove that the Earth is flat. So, perhaps that Army O-5 should be kept from deploying. Maybe one too many traumatic experiences has jostled this guy’s mind free of its sanity. Perhaps he should be treated, at the government’s expense, to a nice stay at a VA mental hospital until his psychosis has passed.

Specifically regarding the case of that Lt. Col. Here is the inconsistency: He is refusing to follow orders to go to Afghanistan on the grounds that Obama is supposedly not legally Commander-in-Chief. But somehow all the other things he’s done in the line of duty under the ultimate command of Obama were okay. We only assume this because he had been continuing his normal duties up until he refused to deploy.  If this were truly about Obama’s eligibility for office, that Lt. Col. would have ceased all duties on the day Obama was innaugerated. .


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