Top 10 Halloween Treats

(by my personal preferences)

 10) Pixie Stix

What’s not to like about pure sugar. The only downside to these is occasionally kids try to snort them. Don’t snort the Pixie Stix.

9 ) Necco Wafers

Candy Nickels is what I used to think these were.

8 ) Laffy Taffy

Particularly Banana flavored. I will usually skip the green ones.

7 ) Sixlets

Candy Covered Chocolate Flavored Candy. It has candy twice in it’s description. Can’t beat that.

6 ) Gummis

Halloween portions are just the right size to avoid gummy tummy – providing you can stop after one or two or three or oops.

5 ) Caramel Cremes or CowTails

Unless they are so old the caramel is petrified. But even then, the creme is still good, and that’s the best part.

4 ) Starburst

The two-piece Halloween packs only have the drawback that sometimes they don’t have your favorite flavor. But it’s Starburst, the worst flavor is still great.

 3 ) Snickers

I have always preferred Snickers over the similar alternatives. Just a traditional favorite.

 2 ) Reese’s Cups.

We have a friday night tradition that I may have mentioned in an earlier post but won’t go into here. One of the things that come out every Friday night is a plastic zipper bag of chocolate. 90% of the chocolate in this bag is Hershey’s Kisses. We add a new bag of kisses each week of whatever flavor is available. At any given time there are about eight flavors of kisses in the zipper bag as we do not eat them all each night and they’ll stay in the bag for several weeks. Sometimes we add other chocolate such as Reese’s Cups. Reese’s Cups never get left in the bag; by the end of the night there are never any left.

1 ) Zagnut

This is the Holy Grail of Halloween Candies. I’ve discovered a significant portion of the population has never had a Zagnut and doesn’t know what one is. It’s like a Butterfinger, but instead of chocolate coating, it’s baked coconut.

Worst 10:


When I was young, I was diagnosed as Hyperactive because my teacher complained she they never saw me working on my schoolwork. I was always doing other things and going a mile a minute. This led to two major issues that would affect my entire childhood. The first was that I was removed from first grade and sent back to Kindergarten. The second was that I was diagnosed as Hyperactive – because the teacher suggested I was and the doctor shrugged and agreed. About a month after I was sent back, my teacher cleaned out my desk and discovered all of my schoolwork had been completed. It’s not that I wasn’t working on it, it’s that I finished quickly. By that time, they decided too much time had passed and I couldn’t re-integrate into first grade. How does this pertain to raisins? Well, Hyperactivity was blamed on Artificial Coloring and Flavoring. So candy became forbidden to me. My brother still got chocolate and brightly colored sweets. I got raisins.

9 )Licorice

Most Cheap licorice tastes more like gelatin than sugar and gelatin is tasteless. I like good licorice. But that’s not the kind that’s found in the grocery store.

8 )Jolly Ranchers

Good flavor, but I get bored with these long before they’re gone. And when I bite them and break them, they sometimes cut my gums. Not as fun as it sounds.

7 )SnackCakes

Twinkies are yummy, but they get crushed in the candy bag.

6 )Spider Rings

Cheap plastic rings. Every kid should get a spider ring once. Once.

5 )Nickels

Seriously? A nickel? This isn’t 1958 anymore. If you want to hand out money, make it at least a quarter.

4 )Dental Floss

Admittedly I don’t floss as often as my dentist tells me I should. But to a kid a spool of waxed thread is just dangerous. I made my first garrote when I was 6 from dental floss I got on Halloween. Not that I’ve made a lot of weapons in my life – except for the couple years I worked as a knife maker…er moving on.

3 )Raisinettes

Raisins ruining chocolate.

2 )Toothbrushes

Do these cheap brushes ever get used? I mean for cleaning teeth.

 1 )MaryJane

My disdain for MaryJane may be insane. But it’s an all-natural candy made from peanut butter. After being diagnosed as hyperactive, I was still allowed to Trick or Treat – but when I came home my parents replaced all my beautiful candy with MaryJane candies. They lightened up after a few years, but my disdain for these never has.


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