Allison Gross drops out of race over Republican past.

Allison Gross, a prominent figure in the local covens had been a leading candidate for becoming one of the High Cauldron Three, was forced to drop out of the race this week when it came to light that she’d dabbled in Republicanism.

“I thought we would be brewing tea,” Miss Gross was quoted as saying pertaining to a date she’d attended with a new romantic interest. “Those were some of my best Drakewort Teabags that video shows me throwing into the river.”

Miss Gross had previously made the news for turning a suitor into a dragon and for protesting divulging information to a certain Scotsman.

“I wish she’d mentioned that bit about her past prior to the primaries,” Hecate, leader of the Occultists and a former supporter of Gross said when news broke. “Now we’re going to lose to Naturist.”

“Allison has always been a little loopy,” Octavia, her Naturist opponent said on Monday. “I once heard her mention that if Torquemada had come to her door, she’d have confessed and repented and turned in her coven because that was the law of the time, after all.”


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